Gratitude and Happy Tears

As the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close today, I hope you all had a very memorable, loving Thanksgiving holiday. And, for those of you who got out and shopped, I hope you survived and scored on some good deals. I’ve never witnessed Black Friday, firsthand, but what I have seen on TV, it looks quite interesting and memorable.

On Thursday, our family and friends sat down around Martine and Ken’s dining room table and held hands. Martine began the gratitude chain, and the tears quietly rolled down our cheeks as we tried to encapsulate all the things we are grateful for into 1 minute. One minute was not enough time to express it all, but what rose to the top were the highlights that we hold in our hearts every day.

From my heart, I expressed my gratitude for family and friends and, especially, for HP being “home” with his family to celebrate Thanksgiving 2017. A holiday that he and I have celebrated together since 1974, with the exception of one year.

Yesterday was a special day, too. HP and I went to our storage unit to see what Christmas decorations survived our 2012 downsizing. Prior to moving to Costa Rica, we sold our house and furnishings, our condo in Keystone and furnishings, and most of our stuff was gifted, tossed or sold. The stuff that survived (and has been in storage since 2012) was photos, pictures painted by our kids, favorite Christmas decorations, record albums (HP), spiritual relics (JP), reference manuals (HP and I were preppers way back when), ski stuff, winter stuff, business papers and our kids’ excess stuff that hasn’t followed them into their new lives.

Last year, when HP and I were living in 2 separate houses in 2 different countries, we talked about our storage unit and the best time to empty and release it. It was ridiculous to pay their ever-rising storage fees now that I was back in the U.S. The path of least resistance never materialized. I found the perfect little nest for me in October 2016 and was able to move some of my stuff from the storage unit to my nest. But so much stuff remained.

As our Unplanned Journey unfolded this year, HP moved back to the U.S. a little sooner than “planned”. We are embracing what was once my little nest in Manitou Springs and making it a nest for the both of us. It has been perfect for us in terms of location. We have quick access to his medical team, stores and services. The setting is peaceful. A true fairy setting. We are in nature, walking distance to Manitou Springs (and back, if we are being ambitious), and 20 minutes to Penrose Hospital where HP gets his treatments. We love our neighbors who have become friends, and the drive to Guffey to see family and friends is a beautiful road trip.

Yesterday, HP and I made great memories while decorating for Christmas. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. Gratefully, we shall store all the blessings and memories in our hearts.

One thought on “Gratitude and Happy Tears

  1. JP,
    Love your blog but more than anything I love you and am always Thankful for the amazing bond we’ve formed and the unending love, respect, and gratitude we have for each other. Our friendship has turned into family and that I am forever thankful for. So even though we weren’t physically together I know our spirits danced together in thankful joy for each other. Love you 💕💜💕


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