The Summit

In a few hours, we will be at the summit. It has been a 6-treatment journey that began on August 15. Back in late June, when HP got the diagnosis, I was on a plane to CR the next day. Early July, we began processing the diagnosis for HP and planning our next steps. The remaining time in Costa Rica was a flurry of activities, including 10 radiation treatments on his right hip. We got to work, with the help of Ken, our son-in-love (who always loved living in CR), getting Howard ready to move back to the U.S. with me.

Some of the most fabulous friends in Atenas, CR, came to our rescue. Every day, I hope to be able to serve others as we have been served by friends and family. Sometimes it is not easy to ask for help. But this medical event was big and one we never, ever thought would be ours to handle.

As we processed more and more, the 6th treatment seemed like a lifetime away. But, here we are. It went pretty fast. Easy for me to say, right? I think HP would agree as he has made this journey, this trek, look so darned easy. He has been an awesome example for me, family and friends. A true inspiration. His strength has been fueled by a positive attitude and optimistic outlook.

Today, I thought we would wake up feeling lighter and celebratory. Maybe we will tonight. Yet, as we flowed through our morning routines, our energy seemed heavier than I had anticipated. We talked about it, and we were both thinking the same thing which took us into the future. Every time we leave the Now moment, heaviness settles in. With a lot of practice over the last 2 years, I/we have learned to recognize heavier energy, and are getting pretty good at flipping the switch to return to the Present Moment where peace and light live.

When we allowed ourselves to go into the future, for only a few minutes, we agreed our thoughts went to the next test, a test yet to be scheduled. The doctor will order a CT scan to help her decide on the maintenance plan, and then we will meet with her mid-December. After talking, we quickly recognized that the test is just another stop on our descent. We will take it in stride and with grace.

That’s another day, and today is today.

Today, we will stand at 29,028 feet and enjoy the view from the top, stronger in every way than we were just a mere 158 days ago when HP first got the word. Our undying love for each other and from all of you will give us the light, peace and strength that we need to see the way. For this, we are eternally grateful.

4 thoughts on “The Summit

  1. Judi and Howard – YAY for you both! I just wanted to say that as odd as it may seem – since we know each other better through our blogs and social posts than we actually do in real life – I continue to be inspired by the two of you – first, you were a touchstone for our own jumping-off moment into the ex-pat lifestyle (it felt possible once we knew someone who had done it and helped us get past the fear of the first step); then through your sharing of this unplanned journey and the positivity and hope you bring to it (and to all of us readers); and mostly because your true commitment to your marriage and each other shines through in all you say and do. Best of luck on that descent from the summit (which is a lovely analogy, btw) and I will be cheering you on all the way!


    1. I clearly remember our discussion about your vision of expat life. You and your husband did it! I have been so impressed with your journey. It takes courage and perseverance. THANK YOU for your beautiful words.


  2. Tears in my eyes with gratitude and a glad heart that you completed this part of the journey with such love, grace and support for each other. I love you both.


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