Hope, Love

Good morning, from Manitou Springs. On Wednesday, Howard had his PET and CT scans. Thursday afternoon, we met with our oncologist, Dr. Matei. We took in the information. Sometimes, it feels like we are drinking from a fire hose. On Friday, HP and I stored the information and met a friend for lunch. Friday evening was quiet, and we were content as we continued to process the doctor’s newest recommendations.

After combing through pages of physician’s comments, with an ample amount of confusing clinical terminology, we jumped to the summary for each scan. For the most part, the cancer’s progression is in a holding pattern. The lung tumor is a tad smaller, yet active, and she said it isn’t time to let our guards down. No new bone or soft tissue metastases. The current bone lesions are shrinking.

During next week’s trek, Howard will have another chemo cocktail, but with 2 drugs instead of 4. To date, the chemo side effects have been tolerable. Let’s hope that next week’s treatment, with only 2 drugs instead of 4, gives him minimal side effects. Zero side effects would be even better. May we ask for zero side effects? Sure we can!

Also, next week, HP will meet with a new doctor, a lung doctor, to discuss taking a biopsy of his lung tumor. We were hoping to bypass this step, but the sample taken from his right hip in Costa Rica didn’t survive the trip back. Therefore, it didn’t provide the markers needed. Basically, the sample deteriorated with the time it took us to get back here and established in our new medical routine. If he is a candidate for this new biopsy procedure, Dr. Matei is hoping to get more markers to determine the next “cocktail” recipe and/or design a maintenance plan. It seems we aren’t at base camp yet, but we are doing okay on our hike. We are strong. We have incredible support every step of the way.

And, more important than anything else, we have each other. We have YOU, our loving family and incredible friends around the world. We have an awesome medical team by our side – traditional and alternative. We have an abundance of love in our lives. We are grateful.

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

May we all experience amazing family times and times with friends. (Jai, we will miss being with you. Yet I know our energies are strongly connected over the miles.).

Much love and gratitude ❤️😘❤️. Judi

One thought on “Hope, Love

  1. Y’all are amazing and strong. Prayers and God’s Blessings for HP’s healing. Thank you for the updates, I realize sometimes you can get overwhelmed and you don’t want to even bother, you just want to relaxe. So I want you to know, and I am sure I am not the only one, it is greatly appreciated and wanted. I know you know this, y’all are very much loved.#HOWARDPYRDYSTRONG💪💪💪and💪💪💪#JUDIPURDYSTRONG
    Y’all got this, you can do it, you are doing it!!!
    Much love to you, Howard and Judi Purdy. Have a very, Blessed, Merry Christmas🙏🙏 and a Happy New Year👍🍾🥂👏🎊🎈🎉


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