I know. I know. It has been a long time since my last blog article. 32 days to be precise. I couldn’t write during a time of confusion, non-clarity, although several friends suggested I write about my feelings anyway. Out of that confusion and non-clarity came weeks of research.

I understand we aren’t the first people to be on this cancer-fighting, mountain climbing path. Far from it, and this disturbs me a great deal. The reasons for the rise in cancer are another topic of conversation, one I don’t have time to talk about right now. We are too engrossed in our own small world, but luckily there are people who have made this their life’s work.

What has happened over the last 32 days? It started with an appointment with our oncologist. This was the appointment when we were to hear about the lung biopsy results and brain MRI. The oncologist confirmed the lung biopsy did not reveal any new information. This in itself was deflating, because the test was not a “walk in the park” for HP. However, this news wasn’t a surprise. We had heard the same news from the pulmonologist. She simply confirmed what he had already told us.

Dr. M, the oncologist, quickly moved from lung biopsy results to brain MRI results. She said the scan shows a new spot on HP’s right cerebellum. She is not sure the source of the spot. Because she is unsure about the spot, combined with no new details from the lung biopsy, she decided to continue with Alimta chemo, indefinitely. For HP, this conclusion left him with a lot to think about. Me, too. For both of us, our thoughts went within to digest this information.

My way of processing is to put my questions out to the universe. I have my “invisible” team who never fails to respond. Howard has his way of digesting, questioning and processing new information. We have always been a great team when we put our thoughts together, especially now. Together, we have put together a new roadmap. He may not come down the slope the same way we went up. What he feels right now, and I support him 100%, is it is time to give his body a chance to heal from the onslaught of toxins and chemicals from chemo.

We watched a documentary, The Sacred Science. It is available for free on We watched a 9-Part series produced by Ty Bollinger, The Truth About Cancer (TTAC). We have followed many leads from friends. Honestly, it was like drinking from a fire hose. And, for those of you who delve deep into research, you know it is impossible to unlearn or to unsee once you are exposed. The last 4 weeks have opened our eyes even more.

It wasn’t easy taking in all the information and painting a clear picture from the random knowledge that came to us through answered questions. As of today, we have a plan to help clean out the toxins that we consciously put into our bodies, and unconsciously inherit due to air and water quality and over production of mainstream food chain. We can’t do much about the quality of the air we breath and the water we drink, but we are officially off mainstream nutrition.

And, through research and drinking from the fire hose, one thing became evident to me. The alternative things we have been doing since August are the top reasons HP has done so well after 7 cycles of chemo. Since August, we have been drinking alkaline water, the Ketogenic diet, organic whenever possible, regular appointments with our naturopath for course correcting, acupuncture, frankincense essential oils, CBD oil, bone broths, fat balls, bullet proof matcha lattes, portion control with animal protein. I know I am forgetting some of the basics, but that 6-month old knowledge has been overridden with new knowledge that resulted in another course correction. The foreign items that landed in our pantry in August will be joined by even more foreign items.

As of this week, we are juicing more, having more smoothies, and are 99.99% vegan. I am allowing myself a .01% margin of error due to the fact I didn’t have a clue 3 weeks ago. And, no alcohol. We start our day with a shot of lime or lemon juice, bullet proof matcha latte; berry smoothie that has about 14 ingredients to aid digestion, strengthen bones, providing rich nutrients for blood and cell repair; veggie juice; a detox system that includes herbs and enemas. HP wouldn’t want me talk about this last part, but I can’t leave it out, because it is a powerful component of detoxing from chemo. So, combine all these new things to our former 6 months (minus Keto for now), and we are feeling empowered.

We have hope in this detoxing phase. We don’t have a clue what the future holds. But, my inner voice reassures me, “every day make good choices, and that is all you can do”. What do I know for sure? Controlling an outcome is an illusion. I learned that a couple of years ago, and it has never been more clear than today.

Going hand in hand with our ramped up alternative diet, HP and I will continue to explore more alternative options. He has his eyes on a clinic in Peru. Another one called, The Gersen Institute in Mexico and Europe. We are also considering Vitamin C therapy infusions, done locally. We have learned through research there are many, many options to help support him on his path to detoxify, allowing his body to heal his immune system and fight cancer, naturally. He hasn’t ruled out traditional therapies, but he/we are giving it the “side eye” for now. All I can do today is make good choices and write about what has been.

Today, we are a reinvention from yesterday. Tomorrow, we will likely be a reinvention of today. And, so it is.

6 thoughts on “Reinventions

  1. Oh Judi, you express yourself so clearly. I know this is quite a journey for both Howard and you. I refrain from asking too much as I think you must tire of explaining…..I understand completely. Know that I love you and am sending love and light your way every day.


  2. So glad you are going to try the Ty Bollinger regimen. I just talked to someone about it today and also the vitamin C infusions. They seem to be the answer for many people. I also watched that 9-part series and even though stringent, would like to try it myself. I am believing that this will be the answer for Howard. Blessings to both of you.


    1. Christine, thank you for your words of encouragement. So many emotions come with jumping off the traditional therapies train and onto the alternative therapies train. Not everyone thinks the way we do. We were glued to the 9-part series, TTAC. I took copious notes. When finished I took a few days to sort through, compare testimonials, found common themes, and came up with our own plan. It is our attempt to simulate, as close as possible, the Gersen Institute therapies. Our naturopath is emphasizing the Vitamin C therapies. It is pricey, but she said it has the most documented successes. She said if it were her, and money is limited, that is the one she would go with. Thank you again for your message.


  3. How about the hoxy clinic in Mexico. My daughter in law’s Mom had Stage 4 breast cancer and was send home to die after so many radiation therapies and chemo and she now has been cancer free for 15 years. Just a thought. I pray for you both every night. Rose Peters


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