Springtime in the Rockies

Today, writing an update from my caregiver’s desk is pretty easy. Once HP took a 30-day break from the targeted chemo pill called Tagrisso, his lungs cleared up. After the break, the medical team reintroduced Tagrisso, but at 1/2 the strength, in early March. Today, May 7, and two Houston visits later, we are in a very good space. The clinic routinely checks HP’s blood; scans his body, above the neck and below; x-rays his chest; and monitors his heart. Every single test shows overall stability and continued improvement in the “hot spots”. HP has put weight on and, to us, this tells us his body is more efficiently processing, using and benefiting from our carefully planned meals and nutrients.

Apparently, the unplanned journey is taking us down Normal Street, and it is a wonderful ride. HP and I have learned how to live in the Now. No looking back. No looking forward. And the mindless thoughts that turn to worry quickly get discovered and checked. They get the big boot. Yes, there were scarier times than right now. Writing this blog helps me be in the present moment. Once I write about the current events through this site, I can let it all go, be at peace, knowing the details are recorded should we ever choose to look back at all the roads, rides and hikes on our unplanned journey that began June 2017.

Next week, we return to Houston for a few days to be poked, scanned, rayed, and consulted. These activities are merely holding a place and time on our calendars while we plan all the fun things we will do during the days and times leading up to and winding down from these placeholder activities… dinner in Denver the night before our early morning flight… dinner in Houston Thursday night with family… return home Friday to rest up for a fun visit with friends from Costa Rica.

Our son will housesit and tend to his Dad’s garden. You wouldn’t know it from today’s weather, but it IS springtime in the Rockies, marking HP’s second spring for planting and beautifying our outdoor space. If only you could hear the flowing creek.

This is our new normal, and we love it! And, always, thank you for being on this journey with us. We love each and every one of you.